So Much Clutter!

wpid-20141229_213312.jpgOne of the upsides of decorators turning my flat upside down with my stuff everywhere is it forced me to look at what I have.

I have a a lot of junk! Last week I took 2 black bags full of clothes to a charity shop. This week, it is other junk. It will be another trip to a charity shop.

From now on every end of year I will look at what I have and get rid of the clutter. More importantly not buy the rubbish in the first place. Mind you at the time of buying some of what I bought was not rubbish. It is out of date now. 

Please see  pictures below and you will understand what I mean.

Cassettes and a cassette Walkman! Some readers were probably not even born then! I used it during my A level days. I recorded some of my Law revision notes so I could remember all the cases on the day. It only got me a B.



My visit to TaxAssit some time ago. Why did I keep this?



Very early iPod skin. Not used!


I lost a lot of weight when I was with Lighter Life. It was so hard!



Motivational stuff I used to read. I am cynical now. No, it has not changed my life.


This was years ago. I reached my target weight of 10 stones with Weight Watchers. Total loss 26lbs. Look at me now!




Okay the Casio watch was bought only a year ago. You see what I mean? I buy stuff that I do not need. It is a good watch but not for me.

Do you want it? If so please say  something interesting about 2015. For example,  what will be different for you in 2015?   If there is more than one comment (I am not expecting any) than a witty/interesting comment will win the watch.

I have not worn the watch. So it is not used.



BTW this is not my blog on 2015. That is to come.


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