My Week – Review of 2014

cyclingI love the period leading up to Christmas day. It is the weather, the lights and atmosphere everywhere. Good feelings and people tend to be relaxed.

For a change, I did not find Christmas day boring this year. I was pottering around my flat, cleaning all the mess left by the decorators. I am still at it.

The period of being away from the office and not doing any work gave me a chance to reflect on 2014. I went through my blogs for the year.

Please allow me to outline some of my key events of 2014 as mentioned in my blogs.The next blog will be about  my thoughts on 2015.

January – It was a stressful tax returns season. We learnt from this and Jan 2015 year will be so much easier. We do not have many tax returns left to complete.

February – Issues with some accounting web members. I wasted my time. Best to move on and leave the past where it belongs.

March – Time spent on new website and rebranding. My mother diagnosed with MND. She is getting worse. Changed the blog titled from My Sunday Ramblings to My Week. I think the new title fits neatly with what my weekly blogs are about.

April – More work on our website and brand refresh. I had difficulty in accepting my mother’s MND.

May – Staff issues on productivity. I have not managed to improve the situation. I am not sure if it can be improved.

June – Shop front found. Ongoing discussions about lease terms. Costs of renovations were high. Changed from iOS to Android.

July – New branding and website completed! Issues with Sift around my content on Accounting Web. Why did I waste my time on this? Not worth it.

August – One year since my ban by Sift. Upped my time on marketing.

September – Became even more conscious of my mortality. Raised questions about what am I doing with my life. Concluded that best I aim for a balanced. Getting there.

October – Started Social Media Marketing course. It is helping. Failed to keep control of the day today. Got too involved in marketing. Shop front was a no. Works on my home started.

November – For a change I was happy for a few days. Still don’t know why. Attended Accounting Web conference. I was allowed in!  Shop front was back on the agenda. Then it was a no.

December – ACCA reprimand on my email to ICAEW.  Very annoyed about Accountants Conning Clients article. I thought what a load of … Needed to remind myself to concentrate on core work. Also questioned myself as to whether I have taken a back seat on my business.

2014 has flown. It is as if the year has ended in under a week. My key achievements from a business perspective was a new brand, the video, and the website.

This is what practice gurus will never grasp, the pain that start up businesses go through to establish themselves. It cannot be put down in a set of rules. Life is not a neat set of rules of dos and don’ts.

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