My Week – Have I Semi-Retired?

My Sunday Ramblings I am working less on my business and my client contact has reduced substantially now.

My staff is thankfully taking on more responsibility. Though it is still not as much as I want it be. I am not sure whether this is a one-off or it will always be the way from now on.

This week more of my time was spent on sorting out my home. It is having a complete refurbishment and the costs are mounting up.

I feel guilty in spending the money. Then I say to myself, this is the time for me to enjoy my life. I have worked for many years. I deserve the rewards.

The complete refurbishment of my home includes carpeting, new bathroom, new flooring I could go on. The flat is looking good. The work is still not completed.

Thankfully by the end of today, it will be in a reasonable state. I am spending the weekend cleaning all the dust. It is not that bad. I wished I had retained my cleaner.

My GP visit on weight loss did not go the way I wanted. She refused to prescribe appetite suppressants. On reflection, it is understandable. She wants to rule out other options first.

Blood tests were undertaken. The results of these tests will be out next week. From here, a course of action will be recommended for my weight loss. I am not sure to what extent it will be a success.

I have an appointment with the practice nurse next week, to go through changes I need to make for my weight loss, based on the results of the blood tests. TBH I know what changes I need to make. All obese people know, the difficulty is that the emotional aspect is not addressed by the medical profession.

On the work front, it looks like we will be moving away from VT and Xero Practice Manager. The plan is to use TaxCalc to have the benefits of integrated software. We have already started to transfer the information from Xero Practice Manager to Taxcalc Hub.

Xero Practice Manager is not geared to UK accountants. It needs a lot of work out of the box. The major failure is it is trying to appeal to a wide sector of businesses. As a result misses out making it niche for accountants in practice.

I have decided to stick to one blog a week, unless I have something pressing I want to blog on. This means, there will not be a Saturday blog on weight loss. I will address health related issues in this blog.

We will have a relaxed January on tax returns. There is not much left for us to do.

We will be open normal hours throughout the Christmas and New Year period.

Some pictures of new bathroom. Taken yesterday. Most of the work was completed today.




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