Weight Loss: Week 1 – Need to see my GP

weight-lossIt was a stressful week. When I am stressed, I resort to food. This is shown by this week’s weight gain.

I think I am beyond the stage of controlling my food intake. I need some other help inorder to get my weight to a sensible level.

I looked at some appetite suppressants. I ordered THIS one and will start taking them from today.

On further reflection as a result of this blog, I will now go and see my GP. I will ask her to prescribe me some appetite suppressants. This way I will be 100% certain that they are legit.

I will also ask my GP what other help is available. I am a typical man, in the sense that I hardly see my GP in the hope that the problem will go away by itself

As you may know, I check on my mother every weekday after work. I find this emotionally draining. It is not easy.

When I get back home, my way to unwind is eating comfort food. It relaxes me. It also satisfies my sweet tooth.

I should have got back to blogging on this subject earlier. It is forcing me to think and address my obesity.

Let’s see how my GP visit goes. In the mean time, I will start taking appetite suppressants I ordered online.

This week’s result: Gained 1 lb
Total Weight loss to date: 0
This week’s Weight: 13 stones 8 lbs
Weight to lose: 50 lbs
Cycled to work: 50 miles
Target Weight: 10 stones (My height is 5′ 5″)
 Target Date 31 December 2015

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