My Week – Need to see the wood for the trees

My Sunday Ramblings I felt overwhelmed this week because I was trying to achieve too much and in the end not getting that much work done. I think my practice has got to the stage where it is vital that I make wise choices on work I should concrete on.

It is so easy to fall into the trap of working on areas that are fun and enjoyable, but this would not take the practice forward. It is essential that I work on the core work of my business. I see core work as those vital tasks that may be difficult to do, I procrastinate over or I see these jobs as boring. These need to be done. Otherwise, my business would end up in a mess.

I love working on marketing my business. One of the downsides is on more than a few occasions I use marketing work as an excuse to avoid tackling the tasks that are vital to my business, but I am procrastinating over.

We are now living in a world where we are bombarded with so many attractive options. The real skill is to choose tasks that will achieve the objectives we have set out. Anything else is good but would not get us to our destination.

Of course, we have to plan time for fun. However, fun time is not fun when at the back of our minds we have those tasks nagging us because they are still outstanding.

Over the weekend, I will reflect on tasks that are core to my business and plan for getting them completed. I will procrastinate on tasks that I find fun! Is that possible?

Moving on to other matters. My staff decided not to accept the job offer. I was surprised. It is a higher salary. He said that he loves working with me. He went on and said that he is learning so much with me.

He thinks he would not gain the same exposure and responsibility elsewhere with his current experience. He does not want to give up the opportunity. It is obvious he want to set up his practice in a few years’ time. In this case, I am the right employer for him.

He is unlikely to find anyone like me elsewhere! I have mixed feelings about him staying on. Though I will make the best of the situation for as long as he is with me.

Our video is completed and it is now on our website. If I had to do it again, I think I would choose a different concept. All the people involved in the production of the video have done a good job. I approved all the stages. It it the concept, that I approved, that I am not sure about. Also the total costs of the video are high!

The works in my home are behind schedule. The decorator has some personal problems. The nature of his problems means I understand his reasons for the delay. On a positive note, his work is of a high standard. He takes care and ensures the work is of a good quality. He is Italian, and I love the fact he brings Italian influence on the design and creativity.

The kitchen is now done. I feel brave enough to share some pictures with you folks. I am in a relaxed state of mind. It needs a few more touches. 20141211_212852 20141211_212830 20141211_212945

One thought on “My Week – Need to see the wood for the trees

  1. Wow! Lots of clicks on the pictures I posted in this blog.

    I had no idea about the interest my kitchean.

    May post more pictures of my home. Not sure.

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