Are Practice Advisors Conning Accountants?

Make dosh

Of course most of the practice advisors are a decent folk. They do not have a bad bone in their body. Further, they really want to help.

Most of them have very little idea of the reality outside their advisory world! I am talking about the day to day practice world.

They say compliance work is dying! Please spend a few months as an intern in a practice first then look into advising.

My suggestion is advisors should run a successful practice starting with zero clients. Build from there and then provide advisory support services to accountants.

I have not come across even a single advisor that I can sit across a table and listen to them on how make changes to my practice.

To be an advisor you have to be incredibly successful in the field you are advising. How else can you advice? Here is the thing, those who are successful in the filed understandably do not want to give up their valuable time advising. Even if they do, they will be choosy who they advise. Further, these people are in such demand.

Having got that out of my system. May be I am wrong? These helpful people provide a good service to some or many accountants?

I have never used a practice advisor. May be that is my failure. May be not.

I tend to think a lot about my business. I also gain ideas from proven successful people outside the accountancy field through reading.

I learnt a fair amount from my peers on Any Answers in my early days. I did not buy into everything that they said. I thought about their comments, although I was thankful to them, most of the time I went in the opposite direction!

I make decisions in the main based on gut instinct. Rather than rely too much on outside advise. I ask, but most times I tend to go in a different direction.

The reason my practice is no way near as I want it to be is because of me. It is not because I have not sought advice. It is my failure to act. Right staff. Right marketing etc.

You may be type who value outside advice. Fair enough. Every time I read something advising accountants, it drives me nuts! I just skim read since I think, it is all you know what. May that is my major weakness/closed mind? May be I need to change my mind set?

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