Weight Loss: Week X – Setup

weight-lossThe quality of life of an obese person is poor. Well, mine is. It is about how I feel about myself. Being obese, I do not feel in control. I feel food is controlling me.

With age, the need for reducing weight for cosmetic reasons has reduced. Though that need is still there. Just, not as strong. I think this is to do with getting nearer the sell-by date.

If you have known me from my earlier days, you will know that I have taken this path before, and I have not succeeded. You would be right to be cynical. I would be.

The fact that I do not succeed does not mean I should stop trying. Fair enough, if you are thinking about my lack of will power. I think it is more than this. If not, why is UK as a nation getting obese? It is far more complex than simple willpower.

What will I do differently? I do not know. I guess you will have to wait and see from my weekly blogs on this subject. Maybe nothing.

All I can say is that the process of writing does help me. I do not know why this is. Further, for some reason keeping a private blog does not do it for me. I think this is something with the way human nature is, sharing one’s experience.

At least for the whole of week 1, I will keep a detailed food diary. This will record everything I eat, my hunger level and how I am feeling at the time I decide to eat. This I hope will give me some insights about triggers for my need for food. Through this, I hope to learn about the way I eat.

Most of the work in my home will be completed by the end of next week. This means, I will have a set up for yoga and some resistance training.

I may not lose weight in some or even most weeks, or may gain weight. I will keep trying. I hope to learn and change my ways. On that note, they will be a weekly Saturday blog on this subject. Though it is likely to be a brief blog.

If you are in a similar position as I am, please share your experience by commenting below.


This week’s result: N/A
Total Weight loss to date: N/A
This week’s Weight: 13 stones 7 lbs
Weight to lose: 49 lbs
Cycled to work: 50 miles
Target Weight: 10 stones (My height is 5′ 5″)
 Target Date 31 December 2015


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