My Week – I am not Professional

My Sunday Ramblings

Please allow me some psychiatrist’s couch time this week folks. I need it for my sanity.

If you remember in one of my earlier blog, I mentioned about my frustration with ICAEW on their threat about changing my home page from saying chartered accountancy TO chartered certified accountancy.

As I expected lovely ICAEW reported my response (THIS ONE) to ACCA. This was about three weeks ago. Since then there were exchange of emails between myself and ACCA. Rather than bore you with the details, I will provide you with  ACCA’s conclusion that I received this week.

Thankfully, it will not be reported on the Home page of Accounting Web (I so dislike these articles!). Don’t get me wrong, ACCA did not let me get away with it. For the next five years, a note will be put on my file reflecting my failure to be a professional accountant in this instance. You have to bear in mind, email that ICAEW complained about was the last one after a series of courteous emails to ICAEW.

If I am naughty again within the next five years, ACCA will take my file note into consideration.

Think of the mind of some small minded person at ICAEW, who wrote to  ACCA. Who has the time for this nonsense! I think to myself, some people really do not have more important stuff in their lives, than this. Worst still is a person far worse who reported to ICAEW.

“Dear ICAEW – The website says chartered accountancy….” Get a life!

What is so holy about accountants that they cannot express themselves in the way they like? Where issue is an emotional one, why not express those emotions? Is this a British disease? Bear in mind I still consider myself a jolly foreigner. You have to ask why?

ACCA incident is one example of other incidents in my professional capacity that reflects I am not your typical accountant who puts on an air of professionalism. Where my emotions are running high, I express them.

My many years of experience at various levels has proved the reality of behind a person who puts on an air of professionalism is very different. I think to myself, how can they be so good at hiding their emotions.

The ICAEW incident was the most efficient way, I could get my point across. I do not play politics and do not have a hidden agenda.

I wish I was different. Your typical professional accountant. My life would be so much easier. I could not live with myself if I was someone I am not. My makeup is different.

I could not bow down gracefully and accept the bullying nature of ICAEW. I wish I would not fight some battles. They are not worth it. This was one of them.

I feel a little better now. Let’s move on to other matters.

My staff has a job offer. He is considering the offer. It is higher pay. I am not willing to increase his salary. His current salary matches his experience and his performance. If he goes, I will try and find someone who is more experienced. Of course, this will mean I will have to pay a higher salary. It will be worth it.

I am looking for someone who completely takes over the day-to-day from me. This is not happening at present.

My home is still in a mess. It should be okay within a day or two By the end of next week; 95% of the work will be completed.

I am just too tired to carry on folks. It is passed midnight, and I had a long day because of my social media marketing class this evening. Please allow me to get some rest now.

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