My Week – Seminar/Workshop

My Sunday Ramblings

I do not know what to blog about. In fact, I was thinking not to blog. The need for blogging was not letting me go.

You have to bear with me folks. This time I do not even have a germ of idea as regards where to start. The headline was added after completion of this blog.

I was thinking more and more about the shop front. I cannot find one in the location I want. It is key for me to take my business to the take next stage.

Within myself, I could feel a lot better. My home is such a mess. I do not like it. It is having a complete over haul. Thankfully, the decorators are working on Saturday to get the work finished sooner. I hope by the middle of next week, it will be in a livable state.

It was my staff’s week off. I think, it is to study. He did not tell me to avoid the embarrassment if he does not pass his exam.

I exploded with my local chamber of commerce since they were are not being consisted in how they treat their members. I should not have not done this. It does not work to my advantage and in the end, nothing changes. Further, life is not fair. There is no point in me wasting my energies in trying to change things.

Productivity wise my week could have been so much better. May be I need a break. Where would I go? And what would I do? I would be bored within a day or two without my work.

I am trying to organise a workshop with Xero as a marketing exercise. I am scratching my head as to how to attract businesses. It is a tough one! How the hell do I get bums on seats?

I will try and do this through social media channels. I will try to use my local chamber as well. I need to do this as a regular (may be quarterly). I need those bums on seats.

My networking circle is small, that does not help. I will give it some thought.

I read about weight loss surgery under NHS, provided certain criteria is met. It prompted to think whether I should have this? Though not under NHS since I do not tick all the boxes to qualify. Apart from being overweight, I do not tick any other boxes.

Once my home is refurbished, I will try to lose weight without any medical procedure. I need to see how this goes before taking any drastic steps. I do not think surgery is an easy way out. The pain and real inconvenience a person has to go through is far worse.

Normal blogging will resume next week.


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