My Week – Taking Stock

My Sunday Ramblings

I was reflecting this week how far I have reached with my practice. Starting with zero clients from my home office six and a half years ago.

I started with joining a franchise and leaving within ten months of joining them. It was a £30k loss of my very hard-earned dosh.

There were times I wanted to get back into employment, back to my high salary. Something was holding me back.  That something was I do not fit anywhere. That has always been the way for me.

With my business. It is my way or the highway. I do not have to fit in with anyone. Those around me have to fit with me. Having said that I am known for letting people be themselves, since I know how difficult it can be otherwise.

Now I wish I had had gone on my own 15 years ago. Age would have been on my side. Nevertheless I am pleased with my progress. At the same time, I am not complacent.

My practice could be a lot better. My fee bank should be a lot higher. My systems could be more sorted. I should be in a shop front. Finally, I should have a proper (more experienced) number 2.

So what about the next 5 years? I think all plans should start from the perspective of sales level (fee income).

I would like the growth of £150k in fee bank. That means fee increase of £30k a year. I think with a shop front and proper investment in marketing this can be achieved. Some may think I am over ambitious. I think this is better than underestimating the potential fee bank I am able to generate.

To achieve such growth. I need to be sorted. It is down to me. I should be confident, and I should feel great about myself. I am taking measures in this regard.

My home is being renovated. It is hell at the moment. Once it is sorted, it will go a long way in making me feel far better. I will have a lovely home in exactly the way I would like. This means a proper exercise room for resistance training and yoga. How great would that be! It has taken me years to get here.

I will also need to work seriously on my weight. I want to feel a lot better about myself.

I will need to plan my growth. This means planned concentrated marketing effort. On that note, real hard and stressful work is now done. This is the branding, the website and the video. The video is now completed. It will on our website by early next week.

On marketing use the social media marketing I am learning.

I need to make an extra effort to improve our systems. Not forgetting to keep the staff and intern motivated.

All new clients to be in Xero. It is a far more efficient way of working.

I need to get that growth. For this, I need to be sorted! I will be.


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