My Week – Shop Front Again

My Sunday Ramblings

Shop front was back on the agenda earlier on in the week. It was the same one which the landlord was not willing to lease it to us earlier.

The deal he wanted commercially did not gel together. Also, his lease terms were unreasonable. The shop is still vacant. Unless the landlord changes his terms, I cannot see it being taken by anyone.

One example of an unfair term is he wanted us to pay his legal fees on the lease. I agreed, but we put in a condition that if we do not go ahead after the matters are with the solicitors then each party pay their fees. The landlord did not agree to this. We pulled out. He is very unreasonable. I think they would be many problems further down the line if we went ahead.

I spent a fair bit of time on our video. It is nearly there. The last version I saw was missing some essential sound effects. So I trawled the net and found what I thought were good sound effects that would result in the video making a stronger impact.

We have a new Xero account manager. We had a good meeting yesterday, about how Xero can help us build up our client base. One aspect is holding events/workshops. I have a subject matter in mind that I will discuss with her. Xero will contribute some costs to the events and also provide a presenter to outline the benefits of using Xero. I intend to run some workshops with Xero.

I thought further about whether I wanted my practice to provide value added services. By this I mean business advisory/consultancy services. Being honest with myself, it is not the direction I want to go. It is simply because I want to delegate as much work as I can. If I take the advisory route, I then will get involved in doing the work. I will not be able to delegate.

I want to free up my time as much as I can. As it is I think I am too involved in the day to day. I hate to admit it; I am ageing. I want my clients to be less and less dependent on me. They should be dependent on the practice’s brand.

Through having excellent systems, it would not matter which staff our clients are dealing with since service and care would be consistent. For this, I need to work more on the business. I will.

I am not feeling great since; my home is a mess. I cannot find my things when I want them! Some things have gone missing. I want all the renovation completed, and I want the place to myself. The current excess weight is not helping.

Over the last two weeks, I have not kept with my business blogging. I failed my target of one business blog a week. I need to, for the sake of my SEO.

I think I need to sit down and think what is important for me to work on. There is a lot; I would like to do. At the same time, I could be a busy fool working on tasks that are good to do, but do not help me progress further.

I think, it was Covey who said that it is important to work on tasks that are important but not urgent. These are the tasks that add value to my business and my life.

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