My Week – The Conference

My Sunday Ramblings

It was clear Sift had put a lot of thought, time and effort in organising Practice Excellence Conference. It was well worth attending.

I was not impressed with the early morning sessions. I think, I was very much in the minority. I have read too many self-help books including attending master motivational guru Anthony Robbins Unleash the Power within seminar. I know what and how the motivational gurus will talk. It was not a surprise. It was not for me. I really have had  more than my fill of all these type of events and reading.  

I found the rest of the sessions helpful and stimulating. The best one being Specialist Tax Services session with John Stokdyk and Paula Tallon, in a celebrity style interview. I thought there was great chemistry between these two people!

John was excellent in asking questions that brought out what motivated Paula in tax and her journey to her current tax practice. There was also coverage on how small practices could address the problem of not having a separate tax department. This raised more questions for me. I will have a  telephone conversation with Paula to see if my practice could use the tax services offered by her practice. I think fees would be just too high. I will see.

I think the success of the conference is dependent on whether people will attend again next year. I will, because I found most of the sessions helpful. I did not agree with everything, at the same time there were some gems that I will reflect upon.

I could not stay for the awards ceremony because I had my social media marketing class in the evening.

Moving on to other matters this week, I was pleased to see my intern’s confidence is growing. She is beginning to participate in our conversations. I feel she is feeling more part of the team now.

I read up on health benefits of sit up desks . These desks were designed to be used while standing up and can be adjusted to go lower when a person wants to sit at the desk. I want to buy these desks! This is what I mean. At present only available in IKEA US.

My social media marketing classes are going well.  They are tiring. I am learning stuff that I did not even know that I did not know. I will start applying my new found knowledge within the next few weeks.

My flat is still a real mess. Renovation costs are increasing! I think it is three more weeks of hell. Then I will be okay.

At times, I think perhaps I should leave out personal stuff from my blogs. I should just concentrate on the work aspects. I wish I could. What goes on in my personal life does have a direct impact on my work life. For me the work life  and personal life line is truly blurred.

I am not the type, who can separate the two. It one of my weakness. Part of me admires people who are so good at keeping the two lives completely separate – most do! It is not me, and it will never be.

I cannot see my blogs changing.

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