My Week – Curtains or Blinds?

My Sunday Ramblings

My home is still in a right mess! This will carry on to next week as well. All good though since I will have a great place to live in.

I will have new ceilings, new lightening, fresh new paint, new carpets and may be a gym (?). Plus other bits and pieces.

As you may know, I have worked very hard in the past to be in a position I am in now. There was no help from parents nor any inheritance or a wife/partner. It is all me! I get a great deal of satisfaction from this.

One of the fruits of my hard work is my three bedroom flat. It may not be much to some but for me it is my crown jewel for years of hard work and massive sacrifices I had to make.

As you may also know I live on my own. I love this. I love it even more, once my flat is all done up.

I have two double bedrooms and a study. One of the double bedrooms is hardly used. I have passed the age of sharing through letting this room. Thankfully, I am not forced to due to my financial circumstances.

I am thinking of turning one of the double rooms into a gym/place exercise. With a proper TV and exercise equipment. The question I am asking myself is will I use it after the initial honeymoon period?

I think, I will. Outside cycling, I am terrible in looking after myself. It is trying to fit it all in. With something in my home, it would be so convenient. Weather would not be an issue. I will give it further thought. I am so tempted.

On the work front, it was a busy week. I said goodbye to a client that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. As I mentioned, we do not have the skills to meet his needs. He was a high net worth client.

I wonder if I did the right thing. May be there was another option that I have not thought about? Saying goodbye is not easy. It is waving my income good bye.

I was more involved in the day to day this week. I need to be till I have sorted out our systems. The more time I spent on the day to day, the more income I am giving up since I am not spending time on marketing.

I attended a social gathering with the social media marketing group. It was not for me. Turnout was poor and I got bored, so I left within an hour. Well, at least I am giving myself time to go out more. Not a bad thing.

Half term is so great for cycling. The roads are clear and I feel safe cycling. I wish London was like this throughout the year. I can dream! I love cycling to work. I cannot put into words how great I feel after my morning cycle.

It is such a gorgeous day today and I am in one of my better moods. The weather does have a massive impact in how I feel. Winter is here – groan!

PS Thank you JC and others. Really nice of you.

PPS – Spent a fair amount of time on our video. Should be out soon.




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