My Week – Loose ends

My Sunday Ramblings

As my business grows, it is important that I clear loose ends for me to move forwards.

Loose ends are stressful, since they keep nagging me to deal with them. None of us are perfect beings, I have no doubt we all have loose ends.

This week, I put in writing all the loose ends that are bugging me. I also set a date for each loose end task to be completed. These tasks include practice management, client issues and some personal staff.

At last, a fair amount of work was done on my flat. It is all in a mess with dust and my stuff all over the place. It will get worse next week. I am pleased that work is in progress. The flat will get a complete make-over. This reminds me,  I need advice from an interior designer! I will look for one.

I attended one-day course on Search Engine Optimisation. I found it helpful. One of my direct competitors was there. I am one rank above them on SEO. It was good to meet. We were both professional and civil. I liked the person I met.

Although I am one Google rank above them at present, I just will not be able to keep up. They are a bigger practice with staff dedicated to marketing. In our practice, it is just me, and I cannot be 100% on marketing. This does not mean I will stop trying!

I was surprised that two people approached me asking for my business card on the course. This was without any prompt on my part. They are both looking for an accountant.

As you may know, I do not do networking. If SEO course is anything to go by perhaps I ought to start?

I am learning a lot on social media marketing evening classes. It is the exchange of ideas and opinions with others that is helpful. I am thinking about how to implement some of the stuff that I learnt.

Shop front is now a definite no go. The owner is not interested in our best offer. The property is still vacant. I tried very hard; the landlord was not interested.

There is no other shop front in the pipeline now. I cannot find a unit in a location that I want. It is difficult in a sought after area. It really is location location location.

I started listening to Stephen Fry’s latest book. With Fry reading, I can listen to any book and not get bored.

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