My Week – Nitty-Gritty

My Sunday Ramblings

Reviewing our day-to-day work this week, I was pleased to see that this year we are in a far better position on personal tax returns than we ever were before. Bar one client, all the heavy time-consuming tax returns will be completed by the end of next week.

I cannot see us having the Jan stress! We will be open to taking on new clients. Last year we had to turn them down due to a heavy workload.

I spent far less time on marketing. I will do the same for the next two weeks since there is a lot that I need to sort out on practice management. Once I have efficient and well-functioning systems in place, my input on the day-to-day day will reduce substantially.

I want to spend as little time as I can on the day-to-day. In order to progress with my business, my time should be spent on marketing and looking for efficiency savings both on time and money. When proper systems are in place, the day-to-day can all be delegated.

Next week, I will be working to make some improvement to our systems. These include:

  1. Easy access to our templates. These include Gmail canned response, Letters of Engage, client reminders and client notifications of their tax and VAT liability.

2.  Our client electronic files saving is very good. Our practice management files are all over the place. I will sort this out.

The social media marketing intern left this week. This is because she now has to work longer hours in her full-time job. We got on well. We are staying in touch.

I am finding the Social Media Marketing course a great help. Till the course is completed, I will hold off taking any outside help on this area. The course will help me come to some decisions as regards to the direction I would like to go on social media marketing. It is likely that I will end up doing it. As the practice expands, possibly take someone on a part-time person to undertake this role. I may outsource this function.

The recent expansion of the practice means that we are no longer desperate for clients. Further, we feel a little overloaded at present. I now feel comfortable to increase our fees stated on our website. I am thinking about an increase of 25%. May be 20%? I will reflect over the weekend on the extent of the increase.

It is important to look after the body as well as the mind to function efficiently and to have a good quality of life. I love cycling because it relieves stress, clears the mind and give me such a high.

Please don’t get the wrong impression. I am no sporty person. Far from it!

The aspect, I am failing on is exercises that keep the body flexible and also resistance training for muscle strength and tone. In addition, my weight is not under control. This is no longer such a big issue for me. Though it is still an issue.

On exercises, it is just finding the time. After I finish work, I check on my mother, this is emotionally draining seeing her disease worsening. I also help her out on some of the chores.

By the time I get home, I am exhausted. I do not want to do anything. I just want to chill.

The older I get, more important it is that I look after myself in order to remain healthy and functional. It is just that I cannot fit this  in my daily routine.

On reflection, it is very important that I look after myself equally well as my business. I will fit in exercise over the weekend. At least that is something and it is a good start.

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