My Week – Failed juggling act

My Sunday Ramblings

Over the past few months, I have upped my time spent on marketing my business. This is how it should be in order to maintain our income level. Clients who leave need be replaced. Marketing should be a continuous activity in order to survive and progress.

Marketing has consumed me. I love it because it has a direct impact on my business success. I did not got any outside help since I could not find anything that would give me value for money.

My marketing efforts have yielded good results in terms of client recruitment.

I use the term marketing in its widest sense. My marketing activity includes work on my website, retaining and improving our Google ranking, business blogs, my attempts at social media marketing and my attendance on the Social Media Marketing course.

Here is the rub. The other activity that is equally important is being in control of the day-to-day activities of our practice. I do not mean doing the detailed day-to-day work but to have management view and control of this work. I failed to do this over the past two months. I left it all to my staff.

To be fair to my staff, he is not experienced enough to handle this. He is good at producing accounts and tax returns but has not reached a level of planning, controlling and managing.

I see my role in the business as a juggling act in the roles I need to undertake. It is very important to keep all the key balls in the air.

I feel out of control. It is the lack of control that is one of the key causes of stress. I need to get back control on the day-to-day. This means taking some of the time away from irresistible marketing activities.

Next week, I will sit down with my staff and discuss where we are with the day to day. I am not sure if Xero Practice Manager has been kept up to date. It needs to be. Xero Practice Manager is our engine. It has all our work that needs to be done and by when.

For some reason, my staff has not taken to Xero PM.

I have taken on a client this week that on reflection may not be the right fit for the practice. This is because we do not have the skills required to meets his needs. The time involved in meeting his needs would hamper the progress of my practice.

I will reflect over the weekend whether to resign our appointment. I think it would be best to.

I have booked my place for the Practice Excellence Conference. I think it would be best to go with an open mind. I am looking forward to it.

My Social Media Intern is doing some good work. We had a small number of likes on our Facebook page. She has now doubled that number.

4 thoughts on “My Week – Failed juggling act

  1. I would have liked to go to the PE conference but it was just too costly in terms of travel and accommodation – I think over £500 is obscene for a one day event!

    It’s good to see your SM intern working out, FT.

    I’ve recently just joined a small practice (3 of us in total) and was let loose this week to get us on Facebook. I managed to get over 200 friends and around 40 likes in just a few days … this managed to get us an enquiry from a start up Ltd company, and from another potential who runs 2 Ltd’s (one with turnover of £200k, the other £75k). If this is what can be achieved in less than a week, I hope to build on this substantially in the coming weeks / months. I’m not a social media expert, or marketing expert for that matter, so I presume you have had just as much success, if not better from the work of your intern?

    1. It is early days for us on social media marketing.

      Bearing in mind my intern also has a full time job, I am very pleased with her contribution.

      On Practice Excellence Conference how about asking your employer contributing to the costs. 75% of the cost by your employer?

      You have already bringing them business. So it is well justified.

      I think London is the best place to hold the conference because of good tranport links.

      There will always be people who will not be happy with a location. I would not be happy if it was in Bristol.

      London means a larger % of people would not complain.

  2. I’m not sure many employers would go for a £450+ cost for a one day event. I think this one will just have to be missed. I wouldn’t expect such a small practice to fund a jolly boys outing either.
    I presume from your reply that your staff will be attending with you?

    I’m not sure the conference located in London will mean the larger % would not complain – whether the transport links are good or not, it still involves a high cost.

    I think Manchester or Birmigham would be good locations – probably Birmingham would appeal to the wider audience?

    1. I think this is much more than jolly boys outing, if a person goes with an open mind.

      If my staff brought me as much business as you did, I would have paid with pleasure.

      It is the first one run by Sift, it can only improve from here.

      My staff is not attending since I need cover in the office when I am not there. I have sent him on other courses.

      I would say London is the best location since it is where I live. It is easier to get to London from other parts of the country as well.

      I have no doubt Sift will have extensive coverage on this, so those who are not able to attend will be in the picture. I am sure you know this.

      I will also blog my thoughts of the day.

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