My Week – Back to College

My Sunday Ramblings

I started my one evening a week class a  on social media this week. This will continue for the next 14 weeks.

The first class was enjoyable and it was good to meet people from diverse backgrounds. Cynical old me loved meeting people! That is rare. The majority in the class are from a creative background.

The course coverage is spot on. Finally, I found exactly what I was looking for. The added benefit is that I am not getting social media lessons from other accountants! I think accountants are great as accountants but I do not think they should advise on social media. 

The aim of the course is to create a Social Media marketing strategy for my business.

Other aspects of the course include

  • keyword optimisation and mobile website optimisation
  • How to select social media tools and channels for a business
  • Measuring success
  • Social media policy and guidelines
  • Understanding SEO, SMO, planning and implementation
  • Mobile optimisation
  • Social media networking of a business

Social media intern is doing the work in the background. It is slow going since she works full time. The reason for my classes is because I want to gain some understanding of this huge subject.

On shop front, the landlord is on leave so not much progress. I do not think this will go far. The landlord, I think, prefers to find someone else.

I put my foot down and took a risk of losing two clients, one of them is a significant fee client. They are paper based clients who I took in my early days. I do not want the 31 Jan pressure anymore.

I emailed both the clients saying that if they do not bring in all the information by the end of the first week in October, their fees would increase by 25%. This is due to the fact we have to work late to meet 31 January deadline.

The lower fee client accepted this. The significant fee client did kick up a stink. I was adamant about the 25% fee increase. Thankfully we now have the paperwork for both these clients.

It looks like we will have a stress-free January. How great would that be!

My staff is job hunting. Part of me wants him to move on in the hope that his replacement may be a better fit. We get on well. We have our arguments but after a minute or so we are back to normal.

Another part of me wants him to stay on for stability. I have spent hours training him. I want to get a better return on my time.

The accounting intern is as usual working hard.

There is one common theme I have noticed from ACCAs and ACCA finalists (I will not take on anyone below this level), it is their lack of independence and taking the initiative.

For example, if they do not have knowledge of a particular tax area, they will not take the initiative, find the information and learn by themselves. They are younger than I am, the net means you can learn anything.

What the interns and staff tend to do is ask me. I just tell them they should do their own homework and then ask me if their analysis is correct. They should not expect me to give them answers.

We are talking about accountants of the future here. I wonder is the training lacking somewhere or are they spoon feed too much during their studies? I think it is more likely to be a lack of confidence issue.

Putting my negativity aside, I love my staff and my interns. We have a mutually beneficial business relationship.

3 thoughts on “My Week – Back to College

  1. It might be a training thing re ACCA. When I first passed I had no idea where to research for tax information. I later found out about our library and how to look for information in books.

    1. Hi Liliac10, I think you have point.

      I need to remember they are not experiened that is why they are with me.

      I will guide them where to look for information.

      Please carry on blogging. Your blogs are great.

  2. Update:

    My social media intern is impressed with the social media course coverage. She decided to sign up for the course as well! We will be in the same class.

    It will be good since we can discuss how we can progress further with our social media. Taking what we learnt from the course.

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