My Week – Me

My Sunday Ramblings

The fact that I do not have as many years as I would like  left in me as a healthy and a productive person for some reason hit me this week. All this was at the back of my mind before.

It does not mean I will sit back and stop working towards my dream. It means I will force myself to have a balanced life. This process has already started with me not working weekends any more. I will extend this by taking time off as leave in addition to the weekends.

No one likes getting old. It happens to all of us. All we can do is make the most of the situation. For me, this means exploring other aspects about myself outside work. I am not even sure what they are.

You have to bear in mind I came to UK at the age of 16. All I have done in the main is work and exams. That was the way for me to improve my lot.

Shop front is still ongoing. This time I am showing my desperation to the landlord. It is not a good poker strategy. The landlord responses are emotional rather than business minded. That makes it difficult. For some reason, I get the feeling he does not like me. In this case, it is whether I would be a reliable tenant that is important here. His emotions have taken over his rationality.

Those who have been in any form of a management role (managing people) will know it is the most difficult area to get it right. It is more likely to get this wrong because we are all the same but at the same time each one of us is so different.

I feel my staff could be more productive if he spends less time on his smart phone. He is glued to it. I have tried to address this, but it has not worked. At the same time, I do not want lose him. There is no such thing as perfect member of staff.

The intern is committed and works hard. I am pleased with her. My experience has proved women tend to be loyal and hard working. I know this is a gross generalisation.

Social media report that I received last week on Saturday  is good. Though since the intern (social media) does not have industry knowledge, I did not agree with some aspects of her report. I agreed with most of her recommendations and actions she will follow. It will be a good start of a never ending journey for us.


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