My Week – Emotions

My Sunday Ramblings

We all know real life is a roller coaster of emotions. It is important to keep our emotions in check and not let them affect our day-to day tasks.

I failed miserably this week, and I did let my emotions affect my productivity. Even at my age I need to learn from this, time and time again and make sure this does not happen often.

I found what I thought was a good shop front. I did not handle the initial offer proposal well. Landlord’s agent is now messing around, getting us to up our offer so the agent can get a better offer from another prospect. All this is normal practice in business.

I was massively distracted by the dealings over the shop front offer. I should have kept a cool head and said to myself, if it does not happen, I will move on.

Another area of annoyance was the extremely narrow minded thinking of ICAEW. They basically said that  I cannot use the words “chartered accountancy” on my website. I have to use chartered certified accountancy! Honestly, it makes me think, some people have such cushy lives to be so damn petty minded.

The worst part is I too became petty minded with ICAEW, justifying to them why there was not a need to change my website. In the end they have far deeper pockets to pay for legal fees. I caved in and added the word certified to chartered accountancy to my website.

ICAEW issue kept bugging me. I kept thinking how can I make my point about their snobbishness, pettiness and stupidity without incurring any legal costs. My response below to ICAEW gave me so much satisfaction! I know it is not professional. I had to do it.

Dear xxx

I have added the word certified to our home page.

I am sorry to have caused such a serious breach. I have no doubt it would have been a major crisis at ICAEW towers.

I want to make sure that I am always on the right lines from now on hence my serious question.

All my underpants have the words chartered accountant printed on them. A person has to be very close to see the words. Would it be okay to keep my underpants? I am sure you know as a mere ACCA I do not have much luck with the ladies, so apart from just now and then at the most 5 women a year see me in my underpants. They do think I am a ICAEW when they see me in my underpants. Also, they have such respect for me when they think I am an ICAEW and not ACCA.

If this goes against the ICAEW well-respected brand, please let me know I will order new underpants straight away. My size is very difficult to get. They have to be on special order. Delivery is 90 days. Please allow me 90 days extension if ICAEW wants me to get new underpants with the words Chartered Certified Accountant.

The problem is extra word will reduce my chances of having a great time. I will sacrifice this to avoid ICAEW blows.

I am awaiting ICAEW’s response (will I get one?) and a strongly worded letter from ACCA. I have had enough of both these bodies.

FT please concentrate on your business and don’t let these matters be a distraction!

I will receive a report on our social media tomorrow.

Lesson learnt this week – Be focused on my business! 

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