My Week – Where is my spark?

My Sunday Ramblings

We are not good at social media. Its importance is growing. I want us to be involved before it is too late. It is a massive learning curve for us.

The social media intern did not workout. I have found another person, who I hope will be a better fit. The new intern works full time, but wants to give it a try working in her spare time about 3-4 hours a week. She will produce a report next week on what needs to be done with our social media and action she will take.

The Shop front that I wanted has not worked out. I am on the search again.

I received a letter from ICAEW. It mentioned that the term Chartered accountants is a protected term and that I should not use the term chartered accountancy on my website. Chartered accountancy is not a protected term? I have raised it with ACCA, and I will go by what they say.

ICAEW are saying I should use the term chartered certified accountancy instead. Don’t people more worthwhile tasks in their lives than this nonsense!

It makes me think who has the time to report such minor matter. Probably a competitor or some small minded person. It is not a huge issue to remove it from our website. At the same time, I will not remove the term unless I have to.

I was given a Surface Pro 3 as a present for adding a full years wrinkles on my body at the beginning of the month. It is great. I started using OneNote seriously. I like it since it is available and synced to all my devices. It is a neglected Microsoft software. I prefer it to Evernote since I can organize the information in a more effective way.

We are using Workflow max more and more for practice management. It is not perfect, but it is good enough for our use. I think we are now too far down the road to go for fully integrated software. The most annoying part for us is not having tax and final accounts software that is integrated with Xero. In addition, TaxCalc that we love, is still desktop based! I think this is ridiculous.

You know the success of a practice is so dependent on the person at the top (that is me). This week and last, I was not my usual highly motivated self. I do not know why. The strong spark that I had was a lot weaker this week. I think this may be because of exhaustion.

I intend to relax over the weekend in the hope that this will mean that I get my spark back!


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