My Week – Reflecting

My Sunday Ramblings

I am at a loss to sum up my week. It was a week of self-reflection since at the beginning of the week, one of my age digits changed.

During the week, I thought about my business and my personal life. I asked myself if I was happy with the way things are (not really) and what it is that I need to change about myself. Here is my list (P stand for priority):

• Sort out my personal finances. They are a mess! P1

• Improvements in practice management P2

• Sort out my flat – Work was started and stopped. I will get started again P1

• Do those frogs tasks first! They give the most value P1

• Weight loss is now going steady. Keep it up! P1

• Just started on resistance weight training again. I need to carry on with this. P1

• Spend less time on YouTube watching reviews of the latest gadgets! Have you seen the Motorola Moto 360 watch? It is wow! P1

• Get to the office earlier, so I am less stressed. P1

 • On the business, be very clear where I am and where I want to get to. What do I need to do to get there? P1

• Move on from a person who has too many issues. P1

• Do a Todo list at the end of every day for work to be done the next day. Review work is done at the end of the day. P1

• Say goodbye to the cleaner. She is not that good. P2

• Time for a good office sort out P3

• Time for computer files sort out P2

• Sort out wardrobe P3

• Continue to expand the practice.

All the website work, marketing and my attempt at social media meant I took my eye off other important areas of work.

I feel this is not my usual blog post. May be my motivation for blogging is gone?

Care to comment?

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