My Week – Ticking along

My Sunday Ramblings

This week was supposed to be my week off, but it did not turn out that way. This was because:

1) Potential clients were requesting meetings. I could not turn away new business. If I had a good number of clients than yes very much so, I would say I am on leave. I do not have that luxury at present.

2) The new clients that we have taken on needed attention. We will not get a second chance to make that all important first impression.

Still, it was good to be away from the office for some of the days. I need more time off. I will take it.

I will take off weekends. This for the moment would be enough for me. Till now, I tended to work over the weekends as well.

Our mobile friendly website is now live! Although the changes to the mobile website are not significant, the changes that are there do make a big difference on the ease of access of our website on a smart phone.

I am pleased our social media intern starts on Wednesday next week. The plan is she will work one day a week. This will ease my burden significantly assuming she is good. I do not have any reason to believe she will not be, she will probably be far better than I am.

I do not like the amount of time social media takes up. It needs to be done.

One of my zany ideas is to brand my bicycle! To be tastefully done. It is still an idea.

I will put on brakes on our marketing till I get control of client work. If I do not do this, I will lose my existing clients. I left it all to my staff, which is okay, but I have not kept an eye on how things are going.

I want to further improve our systemization to make it a highly efficient and well-oiled machine. I need to devote time to this.

Our client recruitment continues to improve. My sign up rate has improved considerably. I put this down to our transparent pricing. This means the meetings are so much easier since clients know the fees before they walk through the door.

There are some changes on shop front. I cannot talk about this. I will, when I know the outcome. It is all up in the air at the moment.

2 thoughts on “My Week – Ticking along

  1. An intern is someone who exchanges their time at no cost to gain experience. When you admit that they will probably do a better job than you, I fail to see what’s in it for them. I’m sorry to say this, but it makes you come across as a user.

    1. Mrme, as you know, I did not force the person to come and join us. We received over 20 CVs for this post. They have not stopped coming.

      The advert made it very clear it is an intern position with expenses only being paid.

      There are certain key skills the intern wants to gain with us. One of them is having a complete say on our social media. She wants to demonstrate to her future employers that she can make something out of what most see accountancy as a dull area. Further, it is only one day a week!

      In this case I am pleased to be a user since she is benefitting and so are we.

      Other interns who were with me, are still in touch me, thanking me of how much they have gained and their experience with us enabled to get paid jobs.

      If I could, I would love to pay them a full wage. I am trying to do what I can under my circumstances. Thankfully it is working out very well for both parties.

      This is point for accountants as well, rather than sit in judgement (if you are) take on interns, help them and they help you a great deal. It needs to be genuine help and not filing admin work.

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