My Week – Good Progress

My Sunday Ramblings

Please allow me to digress a little today.

It is amazing how technology has moved on. I am drafting this blog from my Galaxy Note 3 mobile phone. I moved on from the mighty Apple, a few months back.

The move was not an easy one. It took me a month or so to accept Android in my life. It was difficult because iOS gives it to you all, with hardly any room to adapt to your needs. Android gives you so much control and flexibility.

Back to the subject matter. It is rare for me to pat myself on the back and say to myself my business is on the rise.

I am so pleased with our website. All the stress, money and time has been worth it.

Our new car wrap reflecting the new brand is looking great as well.

Most important of all, client recruitment is going well.

I am busy all the time. My busyness is on marketing, client recruitment, helping staff when needed and looking into how our social media presence could be improved.

I hardly do tax and accounts work. If I get involved with the day to day on these areas, it would be a disaster for my business.

I see my role as one of business growth, marketing, social media and practice management.

It is a challenging role, and I love it! The last thing I want to do is prepare accounts and tax returns. Simply because my time would not be well used, and it does not excite me.

I got some help (experienced intern) on social media. I am at a loss on this area. It is a huge subject and time intensive. The person in question starts in two weeks time. It will be a slow progress. I do not want to read books and articles written by accountants on this subject. They bore me!

Our video for the Home page of our website is in progress. It is costly. I would not spend the money unless I thought I would get a good ROI. It should be ready with the next two weeks or so.

I decided to retain my staff. I do not have the evidence backing up it was him who took the money from my wallet. Further, the recent progress of my business means I will not have the time to find another person.

The new finance intern is going okay. Since she started, I have not been able to spend much time with her. It is important I use this talent. It would help both of us.

I finally got reading and distance specs. The world is looking so much better now!

PS: I could not finish this blog on my note 3! About 60% of this blog was drafted on my note 3 and the reminder on my desktop!

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