Lighter wallet

Wallet and hand of a thief.I am sure I am not alone for wanting to have a work environment where there is mutual trust. Where you feel to free to leave everything without concerns for items going missing.

I am disappointed with my staff. Though on the last incident I am not 100% certain whether it was him. On other incidents, I am certain.

Starting with the last incident first. I left my wallet in the office yesterday. My staff had a day off. This morning, when I got to the office late, my staff said to me your wallet is here. Pointing to my desk. I did not think much of it and put the wallet in my bag.

This evening, I went to Asda, opened my wallet at the till and found that notes were missing. I always have some notes, just in case, even though I pay by card. No one else has access to the office apart from my staff and I. The intern was not in today or yesterday.

They are other items that have gone missing from the office. I am certain, when I get to the office tomorrow, I will find £200 odd pounds worth of stamps will not be there. I will see.

Small items of stationery have gone missing, over a period. I just put this at the back of my mind. Thinking best to leave it.

I am thinking of letting him go. At the same time I feel  guilty because of his financial circumstances and me losing much-needed help at the time my practice, thankfully, is at the expansion stage.

He knows my systems inside out by now. He  was trained by me over a long period.

I am so angry! I do not want this. I will reflect on what to do.

6 thoughts on “Lighter wallet

    1. Thanks. I know you are right rose.

      I have built a good personal relationship with him.

      This is so difficult. Plus I know he will beg to stay on.

    1. Thanks for your comments dimdob. Good point.

      I will cover the subject on My Week blog over the weekend.

  1. Just sack him. You don’t need proof. Or even reasonable grounds. Okay so he’ll take you to tribunal and get all your money but hey, you can make more. Rules are made to be broken so break them. Don’t bother giving your staff rights – you don’t pay most of them so why should they get respect either.
    And buy a big whip to really keep them in line. If it was good enough for the Egyptians and the Romans then it’s good enough for the great and mighty FT.

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