My Week – More Marketing

My Sunday Ramblings

I am finding it difficult to sum up my week. Don’t get me wrong, I was busy. I am not able to reflect this in my blog.

We had a first meeting on how the video will go, both in terms of the script, storyboard and the voice-over. I love it. It goes with the website, and it is relevant without being boring. That is a difficult balance to achieve.

It is early days on the video. I am positive.

The mobile website will be live within the next five weeks. The web designer is tied up on other projects. It is best to use the same person as the desktop web designer. It will avoid me a lot of headaches.

Client sign-ons is going okay. TBH at the moment I cannot cope. They are too many changes going on. I am trying to do too many things at one time since I have very little patience.

I have not yet put the brakes on marketing. I cannot help it. All the time I am thinking, I need to do X, Y and Z. The brain just does not stop.

One of my key interns is off till September. I need her. I had to let go another intern. She was good, but her attendance was irregular.

I received about 25 or so CVs from interns when I put the word out this week that I was looking for a reliable intern. I have not had a chance to sift through these. I hope to over the weekend.

I want to find the time to get all my client forms on line. It is another project I want to get done soon. I may bring outside help. It will bring substantial time savings.

On the shop front still no further news. It is very much wait and see.



3 thoughts on “My Week – More Marketing

  1. With the website, continued marketing and shop front all in the pipeline, it would seem you have a desire to grow the business.

    If you want a regular, reliable worker that will grow with the business, you are never going to beat a full-time employee.

    1. Thanks for your comments mrme89,

      Totally agree about full time employee. I have one full time employee. There are some issues with him that I am trying to sort out. It is so important to have the right person in place. He is not that bad.

      I think I have to change as well to improve his performance.

  2. Most issues can be resolved. As long as they have the fundamental skills and determination I’m sure it will work out a

    As a trainee (industry) myself, I think it’s important that any staff member is given adequate training and time.

    Perhaps when you have the practice side of things out of the way, you will be able to focus on the nitty gritty of the practice and also spend more time wth your employee and interns.

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