My Week – So little time

My Sunday Ramblings

It was an exhausting week. I do not have any intentions to work over the weekend. Both the mind and the body have given up. It was a week of very late nights. Thank goodness it is Friday.

What will I do? Catch up on sleep, watch a movie on Amazon Prime and whatever takes my fancy. I will go out of my way not to do any work till Monday.

I must get to sleep earlier during the week. It is important for me to function effectively.

Website is finally up! I am very pleased with the result. My target market is not accountants, so I disregarded criticisms by some accountants. Feedback from clients and potential clients, that is so important, was positive.

The next stage is a video and a mobile friendly site. On the a mobile  site, thankfully my involvement is minimal. Of course, I will have a heavy involvement on the video. I am certainly not appearing in them. I do not have that X factor!

No news on the shop front. I am awaiting landlord response on whether they will do the work required. I have no doubt it is a massive expenditure.

We are not having an easy time with one of one our client’s desk based VAT inspection. The inspector is not an easy person, and he wants to make things difficult. Hate it. When will it end!

I have done too much outfacing (marketing type activities) work. Next week, I will cut it down next week. There is a fair bit of non-marketing work I need to complete.

The number of potential client queries increased this week. Though most of these were of poor quality in the sense of insignificant fee generation. At least we are being found on the net.

It is early to judge but so far we have retained our local Google ranking. There is also an improvement. When I do accountant search from our office we appear in map results as well. However, when doing the same search from my home address this is not the case.

Thank you to those who know who I am but did not disclose my identity on Accounting Web. My special thanks to Mrme89 for making the points I would have made. I was so tempted to break my silence on Accounting Web! Well done me.


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