I worked, worked and worked

work, work, workFinally, our website is live! It is my baby, and I will not hear anything bad about it. It was both a painful conception followed by an equally painful birth.

They were three other talented people without whom this project would not have been possible and of such a high standard. They were the key to the project. I will work with them again. It goes to show any good piece of creative work involves more than one person.

My role was ensuring the implementation was what I wanted. I do not think any implementation is smooth sailing. Neat plans are always knocked down by reality.

Anything on the web is easy to grab and use. My baby will be copied without a doubt. All I can do is try and stop it where I can.

I did not take a break at all over the weekend and today. Even when I tried I could not. I want to make something of my business. That involves a huge amount of effort, and there is a price to pay. This is neglecting other areas of my life. I cannot move away from what I want to. I need to get rid of my tunnel vision.

Even when I force to take a break, I can’t. I return to my desk. It is not something I am proud of. I need to take a break for my mental state.

Maybe I will not achieve what I have set out to achieve. This is okay with me knowing that I could not have done anything more.

All work and hardly any play, may be a regret on my death bed. Work could have waited, I may say to myself! I hope to change in a month or so. I need to.

3 thoughts on “I worked, worked and worked

    1. Hello Rose, thanks you made me laugh.

      I am sorry, at this stage, I prefer to stay anon. This means I cannot give out my URL.

  1. One of the unsaid rules among Accounting Web members (ex and current) is you respect a person’s identity when they want it that way. This is regardless of what arguments you have had with them.

    You just do not cross that line. Unless you are a person who claims to have integrity in public but have zero integrity and decency in reality. REeaders know who I mean.

    This person made my life hell on Accounting Web. He is trying to do the same now. I will just learn to live with another adverse action by him. He will not stop. I will do my best not to drop at his level. I have in the past.

    Other people, can I please request that you respect that I would not like my identity revealed.

    Rose – now you know 🙂 Just to be clear my comments above are not directed at you.

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