My Week – Head is buzzing

My Sunday Ramblings

What a gorgeous day and I cannot get my mind off work. I am excited about my business. This week it has completely consumed me.

Our new website is so nearly there now. It should be live by early next week. It does stand out from the crowd. Well, till it is copied. I will put all the stops to prevent this.

So much follows once the website is live. This includes various marketing campaigns I have in mind. There is also the website video. This should be completed by the end of August 2014.

On the shop front, the landlord is still doing his due diligence on the works to be undertaken before we can move things forward. I am positive. Though things can change so easily.

Client recruitment has improved. I hope it stays that way. I have further prospects in the pipeline as well. Need this!

With the new website coming online, I started exploring branding our Facebook and Twitter pages. I intend to be active on the social media platforms. I hope by the end of next week; the pages will be branded reflecting the new brand.

This week, all I have been thinking is marketing, marketing and marketing. I cannot get it off my mind. I am looking at my competitors and seeing what is it that are doing right. How can I adapt and improve the idea and make it mine? How can I be a stronger competitor?

One of my key concerns is losing our local Google page 1 position. I rely on it. Our website has completely changed, and I am worried this will affect our ranking. I will have to wait and see.

I will continue blogging. It is fun for many reasons! It is my outlet. Further, here I am a busy accountant, I do not do promote this blog. The readership, although small, is on the increase.

Whatever people’s reasons are for reading, the bottom line is they do read! That is good. It is my very small win.

Today was supposed to be a non-work day. I ended up spending time on our new website, thinking of ideas for the video and with the new website thinking about marketing campaigns. I love it.

I need to get my mind off work. Otherwise, it will be counterproductive. Cycling around Richmond Park ought to remedy this.

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