My Week – Damn good website!

My Sunday Ramblings

I am out of the office after posting this blog. I will reflect over the weekend/next week what I want to do with this blog.

Despite distractions, I have done some work this week! This work has been on a major area of my practice.

Our website is near completion now. It is looking great. Love it, love it and love it. After a lighter bank balance, blood, sweat and tears it is top notch. I have no doubt it will be copied. I will put measures in place to pick up copycats on the web and send them a strongly worded email to remove my copied designs. After this, it will be DIY legal action.

I have spent a lot of money on it. The quality shines through. I am not saying this because it is my website. Honesty it is good.

I am having a photo shoot next week for my pic for the website. The current one is okay but I have aged since then. The pic needs updating. I do not like my pics being taken at all. I am not looking forward to it. I am thinking about a casual look.

The next bit for the website is a branded video. I may hang on for the website going live till the video is ready. This again is costly, but I have no doubt so worth it.

More positive vibes on the shop front from the landlord this week. I think next week is critical, we will get a response on whether the landlord will do the works. We are talking about £80k worth of works. The unit is in a terrible state. The £80k is to get the unit into a shell condition. Then I will need to kit it out. I am now excited about this venture.

Reduction in my fees has meant I am getting client sign ons. It is depressing though. I will get my head around it. There was a time when I would not go below £1,200k per client. How things have changed in just a year. I have to adapt to survive.

My new website reflects our lower fees now.

Signing out for a much deserved relaxing weekend.


2 thoughts on “My Week – Damn good website!

    1. Thank you for reading my blog and your comments Mrme89.

      I will keep all the readers posted.

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