Close off this blog?

ClosedAs you may have gathered my thinking comes through my writing. I am in two minds about closing off this blog.

Today’s blog is to help me work out what to do on this subject.  Here is my thinking:

1)  I do not want certain people to read my blogs. I do not  want share anything with them. I do not want them to know anything about me. My blog is such a give away about my life. I am not one of those who only blogs about a certain aspect of their life. The rest is private.  I think this is good. I cannot do this.

You may have gathered by now, I am a person of extremes. When I do anything I over do it. Just look at my regular blogs here and elsewhere. This applies to my emotions as well. Balance is important.

2) I love writing , but it does takes time.

3) At times, well most of the time, it gives away my not so good side. I really do write how I feel. I cannot write any other way.

4) On the positive side when I write it all down 99% of the time it clears my thinking.

5) I want to build readership of this blog (goes against point 1!). It would give me so much satisfaction. In that people can be bothered to read what I write. We all lead stressful lives and it is difficult to find the time.

6) At times like today, I think I really should stop blogging.

7) I do not want to post anything on AW. This blog, I hope would avoid this.  Besides, I would be picked up and thrown out anyway.

I will reflect.

8 thoughts on “Close off this blog?

  1. Why not just write a diary?! That would have the benefit of clearing your thinking without sharing anything with whoever you have a problem with. You can’t stop certain people from reading this while attention-seeking from others. And that’s how it comes across to be honest, attention-seeking. I follow 2 blogs and they’re both written by people who are willing to accept others’ opinions, however critical (and one does come in for some serious criticism at times), and have serious discussions. Unfortunately you don’t across as happy to do either. So maybe you’d be better off with a diary and following a few proper blogs to learn how it works?
    (And given that you’ve been banned from the other website it seems a bit childish to contemplate posting there)

    1. Thank you for your comments.

      I looked at your website. You have a clear pricing structure. How is that working for you?

  2. Seriously Mohammed – you use another accountant’s blog to promote yourself?! You sad sap.

  3. You’re being used by someone unscrupulous to boost their ratings on Google et al. Wake up and smell the sh*t they’re shovelling. They’re not interested in you or your blog. If they were they wouldn’t be using it to advertise themselves.

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