My Week – Stressed out

My Sunday Ramblings

I would not call it one of my better weeks. No, in fact, I would call it “what is the bloody point” week.

I am responsible for how I feel and how I spend my time. I cannot blame anyone else. I messed up in several respects:

1) Getting to the office very late – it messes my day
2) Progress of my website – stressed me
3) Low productivity – no one else’s but my own doing.
4) Food glories food! When I am stressed, I eat.

I don’t know; I was not in the mood to cycle to the office this week. I wanted to stay in my flat and just chill. I did till about 12pm. Then I cycled to the office because guilt took over.

I did some work when I got in. I could have done so much more if I had got in earlier.

My new website design, still work in progress, stressed me out. It is very different to my current website. I am stating my fees clearly. It is also a massive change in the design – I am talking about getting away from conventional accountant’s website. This is another reason that is adding to the stress. I am thinking is this the right move?

You have to bear in mind, my clients come from my website. Till last week, there was no marketing on my part. Further, till today I don’t do networking. Website is it. So I hope you understand why it is causing me stress.

Shop front is progressing. We have had good vibes from the landlord this week. Anyone involved in either commercial or residential property transaction will know it can either way till the contracts are signed.

I am pleased Wimbledon Tennis is over on Sunday. This year cycling to the office during tennis season has not been pleasant. Even the gorgeous women I see queuing up for tennis, is not enough of a compensation for smog and my hay fever.

New readers to my blog, a warm welcome and thank you. I am not this bad normally. It was not a good week. I write how I feel. Existing readers thank you for staying with me.

I intend to relax over the weekend and sort out my head so I am back in a productive mood from Monday. I cannot have weeks like this week. It is a waste. Life, as you know, is just too short.

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