Audio books

Audio booksI used to go through one audio book a week. Over the past few months, I moved to music and neglected my audio books.

The books I tend to listen are unabridged non-fiction (business management and self-development) and on occasions fiction. Anything written and read by Stephen Fry is a real bonus.

One book that I have tried to read for months and have not got round to finishing is Clients4Life by Mark Lloydbottom. I think in parts it is a helpful book.

The difficulty is an audio version is not available. What is even worse Kindle version is not available either. It is a thick book and not so easy to carry around like my Samsung Galaxy note 3 phablet. Further, on Kindle version I can highlight and add my notes.

Last time I had only reached up to page 60. The book is made up of 400 pages. I may just skim parts that I do not think will be of interest to me.

On Mark’s website, his Deeper Advanced Practice Management Strategies books/CDs looks interesting. After I have finished reading Clients4Life, I may order Deeper. £162 is pricey! Though it is cheaper than one hour consultation with Mark at £240.

I will give you my thoughts on Clients4life as and when I am able to.

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