Human Nature

Human nature

I do not have a high regard for human nature. We normally go out of our way to give a perception that we are decent human beings. My experience has shown reality is different to nice person perception most of us like to portray.

We are selfish, money minded, competitive and apart from making some minor contribution to end world poverty, we really are in it for ourselves. That is why we have managed to survive for so long and managed to change our surroundings drastically.

They are rare occasions when an action by another person stops me in my tracks and makes me think. This is where a person does something good not because it would bring a better return for them. It is because they just want to do something good for people. These people do not shout and scream about how good they are. They just do it.

An accountant in practice did something good for me this week. She did not expect anything in return. Including clicking that thanks button!

Of course I expressed my warm thanks to the person in question.


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