My Week – I is blogging!

My Sunday Ramblings

It has been a long time since I did one of these. I am so out of practice!

Matters are progressing on the shop front. It is slow going. The landlord has agreed to do the major works in principle. We submitted quotations to them on works to be undertaken. It came to about £80k! Matters are not yet with our solicitors.

I hope the work gets done. Otherwise, it would be a loss making venture. Despite my emotions saying to go for it, I cannot. My spreadsheet is giving me a different picture.

Rebranding and new website again are progressing but at a slower pace than I would like. I have spent a fair amount of my time and money on this.
On the basis, shop front goes ahead; rebranding will work well on the shop front.

I have new interns. They are good. They do the work. I am going to say something many may not like. My staff recruitment and retention has shown women make loyal, hard working and honest employees/interns. My experience with men I recruited has not been so good.

One of the interns who works two days a week for me has practice experience. It is such a help! She wants to train with me. She does not get  training with her current employer. She is an ACCA finalist, awaiting results on her last ACCA paper.  I want to take her on as an employee. She is efficient and keen. I do not want lose her.

Our client recruitment could be so much better. It is worrying me now. I have undertaken, as a trial, a new marketing initiative. I hope I get some results out of this. Once the new website is live, I will start on pay-per-click campaign.

Hey why the hell did I stop My Week blog! I like writing it since it is good brain dump.  From next week My Week  blog will be at any time between Friday and Sunday – at the end of the working week!

Two bloggers that I like to read on Accounting Web are: A Mum and An Accountant. I also love her WordPress blog. The other is a new entrant The Final Straw. Both of you, please keep blogging.

On a last note, I have decided to open up this and future blogs for comments. There will not be much. Comments by any Accounting Web gang members (under different pseudo names) will be deleted.

Care to comment?

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