iPhone to Android


samsung galaxy note 3Till recently I thought, I was loyal to Apple. I could not see myself moving away from Apple’s idiot proof iOS. I wanted a bigger screen phone. With age, my reading sight has worsened. My iPhone 4s was no longer cutting it. I can not wait for iPhone 6. Besides I do not think the screen size of iPhone 6 will be revolutionary.

I moved to Nexus 5. It is a bigger screen, but not big enough!

I sold my iPad 3 and my iPhone 4s on eBay only last week. I intend to sell my 3 week old Nexus next. It is a great mobile phone. I want one device combining a tablet and mobile phone. This means a bigger screen size compared to my Nexus.

The options I am looking at are (I have spent hours on this!):

  • Sony Xperia Z Ultra screen size 6.4
  • Galaxy note 3 – screen size 5.7
  • Samsung Mega screen size 6.3

So far Galaxy Note 3 appeals to me since it is an in between size and I like S Note on Samsung.

The hours I have spent contemplating on all this!