Mindset on Risks

MindsetIt is 1 June today! Why the hell is time going so fast! I am getting older each day; I want to freeze time or better still, reverse my ageing process. I have just started my new career. It will be over soon!

I have been extremely busy over the past few weeks. Shop front is still on the agenda. It is in progress. It is such a nerve wrecking experience. It is a big financial outlay. It is a risky venture, specifically for accountants on whom prudence was drummed in.

If I do not take risks, I will stay where I am. Risk taking is vital. There are no certainties in life. If you look at people who have progressed through their own endeavours without the help from their mummies and daddies (help with a job interview!), one thing about them is they are risk takers.

I am one of the risk takers. I always have been. Normally I prefer to try something new and not boring tried and tested. Though I will ask what the tried and tested is.

My new website is in progress. My intention, here again, is to get away from the tried and tested. So much money has been spent. On Accounting Web,  many are going the DIY route. Interesting!

As a risk taker, I only become a brilliant person, to others, if it works in my favour! It is surprising that once it works out, others think it is easy.

All my savings plus a bank loan will go in the shop front (if it all goes through). It worries me, I think about this often. If it does not work out, what will I do? How will I survive? Savings for my pension gone!

I wish I was your usual risk averse accountant. My life would be so much more relaxed. I am just not built that way.