What keeps you awake?

Keeping me awakeWhether you are in a job or have your own business, they are bound to be aspects of your work that keep you awake at the most inappropriate times. Mine is tonight. It has passed 1am now.

The key area that affects us are people in our day-to-day dealings. We need each other. At the same time, we are a competitive and selfish lot. Of course, we like to give an impression that we are the best person around!

One area that has bugged me for some time now is the amount of productive hours that are lost by staff on their smart phones and using the net. It is a problem most businesses face.

It concerns me. I do not know how to handle it. Can this be handled? Should I let this go? Why should I? I am paying for my staff to work!

In my dream world staff would hand in their smart phones when they get in, and the phones would be returned on their way out. This way, a major distraction is removed.

Perhaps I am inflexible. Use of internet and smart phones during work time for non work reasons is the norm?

Even if I want to control it, how can I? It may lead to even more loss in productivity. It is human nature to do something worse when a privilege is taken away.

Am I being narrow-minded? Is it me who needs to change? Should I bring in measures to curb internet usage for non-work reasons?