My Week – Angry

My Sunday Ramblings

My mind has not been 100% on my work since last week when my mother was diagnosed with motor neurone disease (MND). We are unlucky enough for our maker to bestow upon us two members of our family with MND.

I do not think anyone can understand how it feels till you go through a close family member diagnosed with this ratchet disease. What my mum must be going through, knowing very well what is to follow. She saw my father go through it, being the main carer.

I am angry because I cannot do anything about this and why us again! I am fuckin pissed off! She is at a stage of her life where she has time for herself. Her children grown up and doing more than okay. Shitty life made her terminally ill.

A relatively minor  issue made me angry this week. The same people on Accounting Web after one person. The person concerned had an okay post on British Society. One by one they came to put this person down.  This was further worsened by number of thanks on comments against the person in question. Talk about kicking a person when he is down!

I cannot think of a single person who had the guts to stand up and see hey don’t do this, it is not right. If anyone had said something to that effect, he/she would have been crushed by the Queen of Accounting Web and her loyal flock. She is always involved on matters like these. It really helps to suck up to AW team.

I am well aware the person in question is banned. What is the big deal here! It is not as if he was awarded a custodial sentence. It is just a forum for accountants.

Why did the people concerned not just comment on the Original Post. Why bring out whether he/she is a banned member. What is it to them! Queenie is the worst on this point. Come on AW why are you letting this happen!

For the moment, I am pleased that I have been kicked out of AW. I prefer just to browse now. I refused to be one of the flock. Further, the heavy moderation is not for  me. This is not to say AW does not have its use.

Queenie do keep giving links to my Accounting Web threads to highlight I am a terrible, terrible, terrible person. Banned, so must be bad! You of course are whiter than white and can do no wrong.


I understand what a banned member means Saxton. It is not a crime!  My point is just comment on the OP or better still just do not comment. Report the banned member to the moderating team. That is just too sensible to do? It is better to keep kicking the person? Stoned him to death? “We do no want likes of him here!” That is what you and the rest of the gang did to me headed by the Queen bee.

Once the flock (gang) decides they do not like a person, gang mentality goes into full swing. They have the time to put the person down on every post. The gang really get on a person’s nerves so much.  They hound the person. This is what you (Saxton) and your Queen bee plus remaining flock did to me. What shocks is that the moderator saw this and still removed me. Overall it has worked out better for me. It gave me the time to reflect and concentrate on other more important areas of my life.

Shit – why am I wasting my time on this!