My Week – MND

My Sunday Ramblings

There are certain key events in our life that make us (me) say – shitty, shitty, shitty life! This sums up my week.

The neurologist confirmed our worst fear on Friday – my mother has Motor Neurone Disease. It is one of the rare diseases. It has hit our family twice. My father died from this disease.

It is rare for women to have this disease. It affects twice as many men than women. My mother has it!

Is our family cursed? What the hell is going on! I lost my sister aged 28, father had MND, mother was the main carer. She over did it. Since my father died, my mother’s health has deteriorated. We now know why.

My mother was in Hospital over the last 9 days for the docs to finally come up with the diagnosis. The nature of MND means it is not easy to diagnose.

It will not be easy (understatement) to see my mother getting progressively worse. She will lose the use of all parts of her body. Yet her brain will be fully active. What will she feel like!  How the hell will we (siblings) cope?

Our relations are saying their prayers are with her. What difference is that going to make! If there was a God, why would an honest women get MND? A woman who devoted her life to her husband and children. Move on, forget about the dog spelt backwards.

This has really shaken me. I am tears often when I think about what is to follow and it is a real worry how we (siblings) will earn a living and ensure she is properly cared for.

Life is shit and then you die.