My Week – Website

My Sunday RamblingsTime is flying! Can you believe it? Already April is so near. It will be the fourth month of the year. So in 8 months we will hit the end of the year. No!

My week was incredibly busy planning changes to my website. I met with my new web person and the branding person. They are both expensive. The branding person is very good.

My new website will have far fewer pages and it will be on WordPress. I spent time on thinking how best to communicate my fees. I have attempted this before. Each time, I come up with a version that does not quickly and effectively communicate our fees. I will now stick with what I have. It is okay.

In the current version of my website, the content is bought from Accountant Websmiths. I have decided to move away from them. I now fail to see the point of tax savings calculators.

I intend to have a video on the home page. I am thinking about ideas on the video. Currently, I am drawing a blank. The website work, on my part, will continue into next week.

Due diligence on the shop front is still going. I have not put in an offer yet. I hope to next week. I am awaiting some information before making an offer.

I have decided to stay with TaxCalc. Taxfiler is good. At this stage with so many other things going on we prefer not to change. Further, I am one of the beta tester for TaxCalc. This means some of my suggestions may be implemented on hub. Overall, we like TaxCalc due to its simplicity and it is easy on the eye.

My practice is shrinking! I seem to be losing clients. Thankfully, the ones I am losing, I would not call them good clients. The loss means I am even more determined to have the new website up and running sooner, rather than later.

I will do my own marketing now. I will learn as I go along.

I was not at all happy to see my staff access porn on the work desktop. Adverts crept on his Chrome browser. So I looked into it. Don’t get me wrong, porn is not so much an issue for me if it is outside work time.  My concern is virus. I will have to confront him and address the matter.

I saw he is also job hunting during work time! I will think about how to address this, as well.

I think all businesses face the problem of the amount of time staff spend on non-work related matters during work time. Keeping them motivated is one way forward. The subject of motivating people is huge and very difficult to get it right.