My Week – Pricing

My Sunday RamblingsI am not as fresh on a Friday evening as I am on Sunday morning for my weekly blog. As a result, I may not come across well. It is far easier for me to put aside time on a Friday.

I am just too tired for my normal introduction to summing of my week. So here it is.

I thought it was a coincidence to see an article on pricing on Accounting Web, when we had just completed making decisions and writing down our prices. The price list is now ready to put on our website. I am in two minds about this.

It is such a give-away information to competitors. Further, I have no doubt the price list will be copied by more than a few accountants. Like it or not, the reality is it is very annoying for a potential client not to see fees on websites. It will also reduce the number of calls and emails that are just asking about fees.

I think the benefits of putting prices on the website outweigh the downsides. Fees will be going on the website.

Shop front is back on the agenda! I have found something that is better than the one I saw few months back. We are at a very early stage. Fair amount of my time was taken on this matter this week. My heart is set on it now.