Crappy Day

crappy daySome days just do not turn out to be good. Today was that day for me. I do not know why. Well, I know why. I am trying to avoid saying it. For me to feel better, it is best that I spit it out. So here it is.

If you have your own business, at times, certain events make you question yourself (that’s in my case) whether you are doomed to fail. Worst still, you doubt whether financially you will be able to make ends meet.

My triggers for the way I feel today were:

1) My marketing person – is moving to better and bigger projects. She is dropping me as her client. She will also be closing down her company so I am also losing a client. It took me some time to find this person.

2) The web person ditto as above apart from the fact she was not my client.

3) Client who agreed to sign up with me, at the stage of signing the Engagement letter said that he found someone else. I asked for feedback and none was provided.

I feel like shouting obscenities to someone. Shitty life!