My Week – Change of day and change in blog title

My Sunday RamblingsI decided to change the title of My Sunday Ramblings to My Week. This is because it is a better reflection of my weekly blog. One other change is changing the day of this weekly blog from Sunday to Friday. This just works out better for me.

I am exhausted today so I will dive straight into the subject matter.

It was another week on practice management in the main. I did further work on the changes to my website (damned my toothache today!). There is a lot more work to be done. I will get there.

I looked at PaySuite cloud based payroll software. It is good, but it needs further work before it is suitable for us. I understand PaySuite are addressing the issues. I will be contacted by PaySuite once the changes are implemented. This means for the moment we will stick with Moneysoft.

WorkFlow Max is proving to be helpful. From next week, we will start using the client notes section. This will mean all our communication with clients will be recorded in the notes section. So all staff will have access to notes. This will be great. The more time I spend on WFM, the more I think of  other ways we can use WFM.

Both the new interns started this week and they are working out well. One of the interns is an ACCA finalist (intern V) the other has a first class degree in accounting (intern A). Intern A’s IT skills are of a little concern. Intern V is excellent. Though it is early days.

My staff is growing in confidence and he is taking more day-to-day tasks away from me. This gives me a chance to work on the business.

I am still in two minds about the shop front. I will give myself some time.

I want to work on my self-image. As you know, I have not blogged about my weight loss/gain.for a long time. Blogging about this did help. Even though I was not getting very far. I will swallow my pride and get back on the wagon.

TBH my weight is still the biggest issue for me. I should not give up trying. It affects every facet of my life. Social, business, how I feel about myself and my confidence. Please don’t think that since I am not blogging about it, I am okay. Far from it.