Annette Ferguson – The Super Accountant

The Supper Accountant

I read today’s blog by Suzanne Fordham on Accounting Web. The blog is about Annette Ferguson – The Super Accountant.

I thought it was an okay blog. Nothing that I have not read or heard before. The bit that always gets to me is when accountants talk about how they differentiate themselves. I would not call the list of how Annette differentiates her practice differentiation. It is just an efficient way of working.

More and more accountants are working efficiently. The competition forces us to do this. Every networking meeting I have attended I hear accountants spouting out the same over and over again. We are cloud based, social media use, blah, blah blah. This is not USP or differentiation!

I do not think differentiation is possible any more. In the end client choose us because we are easy to find on Google, our location and we just gel with the client.

You can call yourself a Super Accountant or even Hero Accountant. Does that make a difference to a client? I have my doubts. Get your marketing, target market and service delivery right and you will be okay. I would be embarrassed to call myself a Super Accountant! That’s  because I will never see myself in this way.

I have no doubt Annette Ferguson has done very well. Clearly she is talented. How much was it down to calling herself a Super Accountant or the fact that she has been awarded – I am Not A Boring Accountant?