My Sunday ramblings – Practice in the Cloud

My Sunday RamblingsIt was an emotionally exhausting week. My mother’s carer is finally sorted. She is happy with her. This was quickly replaced by a far bigger problem.

It has been four years now and the doctors still have not been able to work out what the medical problem is with my mother. In her hospital appointment this week the neurologist said it may be motor neurone disease (MND).

My father had MND. At late stages of this disease, I have no doubt, I would opt for euthanasia. HERE is further information about MND. The video on the website does not reflect the experience I saw my father go through.

She will be admitted in the Hospital next week Sunday as an inpatient to undertake further tests. We (siblings) will wait and see how it goes. If it is MND, we will discuss how we address this on a day to day basis.

Life has to go on through a balancing act between caring for my mother and running my business. Let’s face it I am not the only one who has to do this.

So, how was my working life this week?

I had to part company with my intern. I gave him last chance on his attendance last week. This week he failed to turn up on one of the days. As I mentioned before, the problem started when the other intern became staff.

I now have a new intern, she will work 3 days a week. I am interviewing another intern on Monday who will work the remaining 2 days. Both the interns cannot work the full 5 days due to childcare problems.

Our Workflow Max (WFM) is now up and running. It is in a state that it will be such a help. It has taken us a long time to get here. Now I think it is an excellent cloud based practice management software. Further, it makes a lot of sense for  us to use  WFM since we are sold on Xero. I am glad I did not give up on it. I was tempted to since I could not get my head around it. Now I sing praises of WFM.

In addition, with Xero bringing out statutory accounts in September, this is a further justification for using WFM. If you are thinking about WFM, please be warned it is not out of the box use. You have to work on it to make it yours. It took up a lot of my time. Once it is “yours”, you will not look back.

I also spent time on Taxfiler. We now have all the standing data on it. It is early days, but so far Taxfiler is looking like a highly viable option. The fact that it is in the cloud is its big selling point for me.

I looked at Iris Open Tax. How ridiculous can you get with your prices! I would be concerned about leaving IRIS because of their long notice period.

As you may have gathered by now, I am aiming to have all my practice software in the cloud. This means I am also looking to move away from Moneysoft (gulp!). I am looking into Xero add on – PaySuite. So far I like it. I will play around with it again next week before making my decision.

I worked on changes to my website. I hope within the next two months my new website will be up.

I am pleased I have now cloud based practice management software. I have no doubt it will bring significant efficiencies. I think it is crazy for anyone to use desktop software. Especially where you have staff. Flexibility and convenience would just not be there.

Next week, I will spend more time on practice management since there so much more work to be done.