My Sunday ramblings – Practice Management

My Sunday RamblingsMy staff think post January tax season we do not have much work to do. This annoyed me since there are so many practice management tasks we have to complete. This is the time to do it.

Worst still after I listed all the practice management tasks on our whiteboard in our office, they think it is not real work! To them real work is producing accounts and tax returns. I failed to convince them that practice management work is vital for efficiency and smooth running of our practice.

At the same time, they are impressed with the systems that I implemented prior to them joining the practice.

They could not answer when I asked them how did the systems they are impressed with come to be in the practice? Without spending time on practice management, how would that be possible?

I am sure you know in order to get productivity out of staff, it is about winning hearts and minds. On PM, I failed to do this. I have not given up yet!

So how did my week go on the highly important subject of practice management?

The week on practice management could have gone so much better. We could have done a lot more if my team had bought into my vision how I want things to be. They just do not like PM work!

We completed more work on Workflow Max (WFM). It is now looking like our WFM. We are nearly there with adapting it to our needs. I know it will be a real help. It will keep track of all our work, deadlines due, client contact information, status of work and so much more.

It has been stop and start on WFM for us. By this time next week I am determined that it will be up and running.

We just have 4 clients who are paper based now. When undertaking our office spring (winter?) cleaning this week, we returned (Parcel Force) all the papers to clients. I need to spend more time organising the office so that it is even better that what it is now.

As I mentioned in  THIS blog earlier this week that we were looking to change to cloud based tax software. We will be trying out Taxfiler up to the end of April. By mid March, we will have decided whether Taxfiler is right for us. So far the indications are we are likely to go with it.

My cycling trip, last week, to look out for shop fronts did not produce any results. I am looking for a shop front in a postal code of my home address. They go very fast. The ones that are available are not suitable in terms of size, rent, or parking. My search continues.

My second potential client meeting was cancelled. I talked about in THIS  blog that I will treat first meetings as sales meetings.

We still have not found a carer for my mother. My mother is 74 and is getting worse. There is nothing we can do about this. At the same time, we cannot be with her all the time. It is not easy on me and my siblings. Of course, it affects my work. This is real life. We just have to do what we can.

I have decided against a second bicycle. The puncture resistant rear wheel is excellent. I felt great this week since I was able to cycle every day to the office.

On marketing ,I have come up with an excellent idea. It is different. It will not cost much and I think it will work.  I will share the results in time.

My Italian jack of all trades with whom I have contracted with to do all the work in the flat is very good when he turns up to do the work. The problem is he does not turn up often. I will have to keep nagging him to complete the work. I am also using THIS website for ideas and planning to redecorate my flat.