My Sunday ramblings – Where do I start?

My Sunday RamblingsAs I mentioned before blogging helps me. Last Friday was an exception. I let it became a distraction. I should not have allowed this. It was not worth my valuable time.

Most of the comments resorted to name calling. This is a clear reflection of  people who are of a bankrupt intellect. I know who the people are. Your writing style is like your finger prints. A real give away.  You can’t hide.

Pretending to be someone else and calling me a pervert, fat and worse!  I am kicking myself for allowing these people to waste my time and emotions. My productivity was affected. Far more importantly, I lost my time! I will never be able to recover this.

What is interesting is  THIS blog post triggered their nonsense. Though I could not work out why such vitriol. Was it jealousy? Ageism? Racism? Fatism?

My Friday’s sky-high blog hit rate shows I was mentioned on Accounting Web. I wonder what was said? I will never know.

Leaving aside Friday’s avoidable distraction and nonsense, how would I sum up my week?

It was ACCA results week for my staff and my intern. They both failed their last two papers. They were disappointed and asked me how they could get through. It was their second attempt. I will help them. They will re-sit the papers in June.

I am having problems with my intern’s attendance. For the last three weeks he did not turn up for work. I have made it clear to him he should make up his mind if he wants to stay with me or move on. I think he is not happy because I offered the job to the another intern who has been with me longer.

They are both good. It was a difficult decision. The intern turned staff now had the edge because of his longer period with me. The current intern has one last chance to improve his attendance.

My attractive prospect did not sign up with me. She met with three other accountants. She signed up with an accountant whose fees were lower and had more experience in her industry. TBH I did not handle the first meeting well. As I mentioned in my earlier blog. I will now treat all potential client meetings as sales meetings.

Prospect number 2 is promising. We have exchanged emails since my first meeting with him. I will keep you posted.

I am pleased with the number of potential client enquires I receive. It is on the up. It is turning those enquires into clients that is a challenge for me. Aside from changing my approach on first meetings, I also need to follow-up. If prospects do not contact me after the first meeting, I do not follow-up and ask if they would like any further information. I need to do this.

My marketing person suggested that I need a symbol for marketing to represent my practice. One of her suggestion is a pound sign. This is just too boring and obvious. I will try to access my hardly used creative part of my brain and try to keep up something that is different.

Looking for a carer for my mother took up  my time this week. Carer number 4 was not suitable. She did not listen to my mother and just carried on working in the way she wanted. I contacted another agency outlining the type of carer that would be suitable. Hopefully, they will send a carer on Tuesday.

My jack of all trades person who I appointed to do all the long overdue nagging jobs in my flat is an Italian. He is temperamental and is never wrong! I have to be so careful when I tell him to do some of the work in the way I would like. Having said that his work is of a high standard. This is more important. I will work around his temperament.

After a full year without a shower, my shower is back in operation. It is great! I am looking forward to other nagging jobs being completed. I will then look into redecorating the flat. This includes changing the carpets.

Over the week my productivity was terrible. It was only on  Thursday that I was well enough. Well normal. It is when I am  unwell (thankfully rare), I think how I lucky I am to be in good health most of the time.

On all my blogs I have now  sadly removed the option for readers to comment or contact me . The way things have gone it is for the best. It will save me a lot of unnecessary hassle, disappointment and avoid anyone being put in a difficult position.   

Today I am cycling around my area to look out for shop fronts. I only cycled once this week. I feel so much better now and the weather is also in my favour. I will let you know how my search goes in next week’s Sunday Ramblings.

I am looking forward to next week. I will start taking action on my plans to expand my practice.