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blogging_quoteI started blogging on Accounting Web in 2011. Supportive words from John Stokdyk on my FIRST BLOG POST open the doors to the world of blogging for me. Leaving the past where it belongs, thank you John. Credit to you.

I love to blog. It helps me to think, come up with solutions and pose questions that I need to reflect upon. I have no doubt blogging has helped my business and helped me to develop as a person. I wish I started blogging when I was in my twenties.

It is the act of putting things in writing that I find so liberating. This is further boosted by even just one stranger reading my blog. I just cannot describe the feeling when someone who does not know me voluntary reads what I write. Not only this but some people come back to read more through subscribing!

To anyone thinking about starting a blog, if I can share my experience just make a start. Please don’t expect perfection. Most importantly blog about subjects that are close to your heart.

Further, do not be concerned about making your blog interesting for others and worry about alienating people. Of course respect others but be yourself. Don’t hold yourself back. It is your unique perspective that readers will find of interest. HERE is a good example of this.

If you write on issues that are of real concern to you and you are being your true self, believe me people will find your blog interesting. Through regular blogging  you will come up with your own blogging style. Finally, accept that you will make mistakes. These will not be as bad as you think

6 thoughts on “Go on blog!

  1. ‘people will find your blog interesting’ – or they may read it because they’re laughing at you and can’t believe that you actually do the things that you do.
    And you forgot to mention that bloggers should be ready to have a tantrum if someone says something they don’t like!

  2. Here we have a key gang member – Flash.

    Great I bring happiness in people lives. Carry on laughing.

  3. Guess again fatboy! I’d give you a couple more guesses but even if you had 100 and I gave you clues you wouldn’t get it right.
    Do you want some fish to go with the chips on your shoulder?!

    1. This is an example of vile I used to get before I disabled comments on my blog.

      I have moved on. Flash is the same. No, even worse now.

  4. or they may read it so they can add unkind comments?
    I read it because I enjoy it….

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