Going crazy

Going CrazyIt is 3 am. I woke up starving, with a headache and at the same time wanting to go for a bike ride. I need physical activity! It is due to the lack of physical activity I can’t sleep. I am not tired.

For the past 9 days my physical activity was minimal.  I could not do anymore.

My work output was very low as well.

All this is driving me crazy!  I will cycle to the office today. BBC weather forecast informs me that between 8am and 12pm there is a high chance of heavy rain. I will make sure I am on my bike at 7am. My return journey weather wise will be okay.

It annoys me that my appetite is still the same. You would have thought during the period of my illness it would go down. This way I would lose some weight! With the same appetite level and drastic reduction in physical activity equals weight gain. I have not gone on the scales yet.

I hope my work output improves today.

2 thoughts on “Going crazy

  1. I know how you feel.
    I’ve been ill for a week and not been Bikram yoga. Went today and I feel so much better!

  2. Thanks Lilac1.
    I have not been able to cycle. My previous attempts failed. I feel so much better today. I will be okay for cycling from tomorrow.

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