Killer question

Tough questionIt is a good start to February. I had two potential client meetings today. They are both promising prospects. It is wait and see now.

I was struck by what one of the prospects asked me. In the past I would have used my standard response. Things have changed. I think the attractive prospect in question may go elsewhere (please no).   

The killer question  was “Will you be dealing with all our affairs?”

In the past I would have used this question to my advantage. Saying something like working on my own means you will not be passed to a junior member of staff. I will deal with everything.

It would now be impossible and  does not make financial sense for me to deal with everything. My answer to the attractive prospect could have been a lot better. My response was “My staff deal with the day-to-day and I review all the work.” Not a good comment!

The response should have been something along the lines of ” I am involved with the day-to-day. I also have a team helping me. It means the work is  shared since it is too much for one person. This means it could be anyone of us dealing with your affairs.  Though I am always in the loop to ensure client satisfaction and the work is completed to a high standard.” Damn it. I think I have lost her.

There is not much I  can now. It is when I face reality I learn so much. Experience is the best teacher.